Bagz Ogam:I Love Suprises


Who is Bagz Ogam?

My name is Collins Otieno aka bagz badkampany . I’m 24  years old and the First  born in a family of six children. My Granfather was a service man in the colonial regime and one of those who fought for kenyas freedom.I am a freedom fighter by blood . John Ogam was his name.

I grew up in Area 5 in Dandora .My dad is a Mechanical engineer while my mum used to work as a Tailor and Later switched career. with the little i get from my music and acting Shows i support my familly.

How do you cope? That’s a big load to carry. Right?

It has been part of my life for a long time . I’m used to struggling. Even I once went to bed with no food,my house has been locked

My younger brothers are also supposed to join college this year but due to limited funds they are yet to. But despite the many challenges, we still manage to push on.

Why Music?

I’m a fan of  hiphop Like’s of Tupac Amaru Shakur , Murcus Hopson and likes of Fid Q from Tanzania  in kenyan artist like Abbass kubaff really inspired my writting

How did you end up doing a collabo with Kantai?

For me No lie this Guy is a legend, i respect everything about Him,He is real.. I thank my producer Njg for hooking us was a privilage  Rapping on the same track with  Kantai

Are you planing any more songs together?

We are actually on the round table. watch the pace,   I love suprises, badkampany is coming through clean and better

Tell us about Betty Rwengo…

She is my pal, Biz partner and Like my small sister,she is family,creative and inteligent. I must say she is a good Company and she is also the co-founder of badkampany

What’s your next move?

We are working on new projects  with diffrent artist of  whom i wount mention just like i said “i love suprises i dont know about you do?”

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